Modular Application for IT Security Governance and Standard Compliance, developed in Argentina and powered by Platinum Cyber-Security.
Ready-to-use standards
BCRA (4609/5374/6017/6354),
ISO 27002, Cobit 4, SWIFT, NIST SP 800-53
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What's RBox?

Modular software solution for Security Management. It allows information security to be aligned with business through risk assessment and management, regulatory compliance and business continuity, among others.

Software features

Ready-to-use standards

R-BOX has the unique feature of having ready to be added, the most of the security IT standards (ISO, NIST, COBIT, BCRA, SWIFT, etc). Our Standard Plug & Play system, allows that with minor configurations any well-known IT security standard are ready to be used by our customers.

Knowledge base

Based entirely on MAGERIT methodology, its robust entity model enables the fast definition of standards, controls, verifications and recommendations for the most important IT security and compliance standards.

Organization modeling

It allows the definition of the organizational model through its information flow; defining its assets, responsible people, maturity management and other attributes for a correct diagnosis of the IT risk situation.

Solid math

R-Box includes a complex and elaborated calculation algorithm that differentiates it and stands out from its competitors. This information is well documented and available and for our clients.

WIde integration

RBOX can be integrated with other systems inside organization infrastructure, for example: Active Directory, incident management systems, operational risk systems, etc.

Want to know more?


The functionality of RBOX is built from a series of modules that provides different services according to the needs of each organization.

Asset inventory

Manage the life cycle of the assets that make up the information services.

Risk management

Facilitate decision making to align Security Management with business strategy.

Classification and valuation

Specify the importance that each information component has for your business.


Define the security countermeasures to be applied, according to the level of classification of the information.

Risk assessment

Obtain a complete risk diagnosis, establishing the starting point for its management.


Know quickly, effectively and accurately, the level of compliance with standards and regulations.


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